Introducing Blink Science

Blink and we’re creating a world where instant tests and medical passports keep life going.

Blink. Test. Go.

The instant point-of-care diagnostic test that will change everything*

Instant and accurate COVID test results -- coming soon.

The medical passport system for sharing verified test results and vaccination records*

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Welcome to Blink Science

We’re developing high-tech, low-cost point-of-care diagnostic tests to bring to everyone worldwide. What’s more, our medical passport system will securely share verified test results (ours and others’) as well as vaccination data to aid in preventing disease transmission, speeding treatment, and keeping life going.

University of Florida scientists pioneered and patented the game-changing test technology that gives our handheld test the ultra-accurate, ultrasensitive, and instantaneous results that were achieved in their laboratories. Blink Science is proud to be the exclusive, worldwide license holder.

We’re thrilled to be creating medical test and data systems for use not only by the global medical community but also for organizations big and small, public venues, and consumers.

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The rapid, point-of-care diagnostic test that will change everything

*This product is not yet available for use in the United States. We are in the preparation phase of submittal to the FDA for a COVID EUA.

We’re developing ultra-accurate, low-cost test strips and a handheld strip reader with the potential to deliver lab-quality diagnostic results in seconds for infectious diseases like COVID-19, heart attacks, cancers, brain injuries, and much more.

We plan to introduce a medical passport system that gives each individual the power to carry and share their own authenticated test results and vaccination records for entry to restaurants, venues, transportation, workplaces, schools, and more.

Individuals will use the blinkPASSPORT™ app. Onboarded businesses and venues will use the blinkVERIFY™ app. The apps talk to each other through cloud-based, encrypted QR codes to ensure current, accurate data.

Our goal is to help the world greenlight negatives. Isolate positives. Speed treatment. Save lives. Keep life going.

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