The blinkPASSPORT System

The digital medical passport platform that will empower people and keep pace with life

Because Motion is Life

Imagine a world where everyone securely carries their test results, vaccination records, and other critical healthcare data in their pocket.

Now picture this medical passport phone app displays unique QR codes linked to the user’s data.

And finally, envision busy people tapping their QR codes to a digital pad as they enter any public location requiring proof of health status.

blinkPASSPORT System will place critical, secure health data in the palm of your hand, when and where it’s needed. Just tap and go.

Green Means Go

Our easy-to-use blinkPASSPORT app will collect patient information, collect and store verified test results and vaccination records. This will allow individuals to carry, access, and display their QR-code-embedded results and records on their blinkPASSPORT app while still maintaining privacy and HIPAA compliance.

blinkPASSPORT will be a universal medical passport system that places the power with individuals to carry and authorize the use of their own test results and medical data.

The Gatekeeping App That Will Help You: Greenlight Negatives. Isolate Positives. Save Lives.

Coming soon! 

blinkVERIFY™ is the app businesses and venues will use at entry points to scan individuals’ blinkPASSPORTs. The apps will talk to each other through cloud-based, encrypted, HIPAA-compliant QR codes to ensure current, non-repudiable data.

blinkVERIFY will be ideal for businesses whose health policies dictate assessing and tracking the health of people entering, or for organizations required by law to deny entrance to individuals not meeting certain verified health criteria.

We invite interested businesses and organizations to contact us to learn more about Blink technology, onboarding, and staff training. Once you’ve joined the blinkVERIFY network, you will simply set up the blinkVERIFY app on any smartphone or tablet. Your entry receptionists or gate attendants will use the app to scan people’s blinkPASSPORT QR codes as they arrive.

And blinkVERIFY can also be used as a tool for contact tracing. Visitors who scan into a location that’s later determined to have been compromised can be easily contacted through their blinkPASSPORT app.