COVID Instant Point-of-Care Testing and Smart Medical Passport Systems*

Test and confirm anyone, anywhere, anytime

The COVID-19 blinkTEST™*

*This product is not yet available for use in the United States. We are in the preparation phase of submittal to the FDA for a COVID EUA.

Coming Soon!

Instant, accurate, low-cost on-site testing will mean you can test anyone, anywhere, anytime to support safety and best-practice prevention protocols.

You’ll be able to blinkTEST patients in your own clinic. You’ll be able to blinkTEST employees and visitors entering your location or venue. You’ll be able to blinkTEST travelers as they move through your transportation system. You’ll be able to blinkTEST your entire community as needed. Noninvasive, ultra-accurate, and ultrasensitive, blinkTEST will be a quantum leap in COVID testing.

The blinkTEST app

Coming Soon!
COVID test results displayed and shared in the blink of an eye

The COVID-19 blinkTEST will not only revolutionize point-of-care testing, it will also be a data marvel.

Paired with Bluetooth, the Blink testing scanner will communicate with the blinkTEST app on the testing site’s smartphone or tablet. Results will appear in seconds on the scanner display and on the blinkTEST app on your device. They will also simultaneously upload to the secure, cloud-based Blink test records database. What’s more, tested individuals who’ve set up the companion blinkPASSPORT™ app will immediately receive results notification on their device.

With blinkTEST, instant, confidential, retrievable results will help keep life going.

COVID-19 and blinkPASSPORT™

In many ways, COVID-19 has paralyzed the entire world. Soon, with blinkTEST and blinkPASSPORT, people will have the freedom to more safely go about their lives. blinkPASSPORT is a digital medical passport app that individuals will use on their phone or tablet.

After creating an account with their name and address, and uploading an ID headshot, people who are blinkTESTed for COVID-19 will always have their time-stamped, verified test results at their fingertips. With the blinkPASSPORT app, they will be able to present a QR code confirming health status to the receptionist or gate attendant at any location using the companion blinkVERIFY™ system.

Blink Science is in the process of developing the technology and test-agency partnerships for blinkPASSPORT to store not only COVID-19 blinkTEST results but also COVID test results from any verified source. We’re also working on making vaccination records part of the system.

Imagine travelers presenting their blinkPASSPORTs along with their IDs as they go through airport security. Or people scanning into their worksplaces or schools as they arrive each morning. The bustle of normal human life would return without unduly compromising safety.

That’s the vision of blinkPASSPORT.