Instant, Ultra-accurate, Ultrasensitive COVID Point-of-Care Testing*

Test. Blink. Go.

The COVID-19 blinkTEST™

Healthcare Colleagues, Meet the Next Standard in Point-of-Care Diagnostic Testing

For the healthcare industry, the COVID-19 blinkTEST has the potential to revolutionize point-of-care testing. It will have significant implications and advantages for centralized testing as well. Based on electrochemical biosensor technology investigated, tested, and patented by the esteemed Dr. Fan Ren and his research team at the University of Florida, blinkTEST is a totally new, solid-state, one-step diagnostic testing platform that delivers precision results not not rapidly but in seconds.

The technology behind Blink Science’s SARS-CoV-2 test will debut a testing breakthrough that has the potential to change the testing landscape not only for COVID-19 but also for a wide range of infectious diseases as well as acute illnesses and chronic conditions.

Preliminary laboratory data out of the University of Florida have indicated that our test technology yields ultra-accurate positive or negative results for SARS-CoV-2.

*This product is not yet available for use in the United States. We are in the preparation phase of submittal to the FDA for a COVID EUA.

Who is blinkTEST for?

In the healthcare industry, the COVID-19 blinkTEST will be ideal for:

  • clinics
  • physician offices
  • emergency rooms
  • public testing sites
  • organizations’ health officers in charge of location or venue entry (such as cruise lines, airports, office buildings, event venues, etc.)
  • centralized testing sites

The COVID-19 blinkTEST will be:


Disposable test strips and a handheld scanner is all you will need to rapid test as many people as you need to.

Instant within seconds

After the blinkSTRIP is loaded into the scanner, the result—Positive, Negative, or Invalid Test—will display within seconds on the scanner and the blinkTEST app.


Early laboratory testing from the University of Florida, blinkTEST’s false positive rate (FPR) was X and false-negative rate (FNR) was negligible.


Early laboratory testing from the University of Florida, shows ultrasensitivity to the low picogram range, a low limit of detection (LoD) at 5-10 copies of SARS-CoV-2 antigen per milliliter of saliva, and a positive percent agreement (PPA) of greater than 98%.


Early laboratory testing from the University of Florida, blinkTEST’s negative percent agreement (NPA) was above 98%.


The affordable, portable blinkTEST will give everyone on the planet access to the best diagnostic tools. Soon, logistically remote and resource-limited communities will be able to speedily diagnose and treat with confidence.

blinkTEST, blinkPASSPORT™, and blinkVERIFY™ apps

Coming soon!

Linked, cloud-based, verified health data in the blink of an eye

The Blink Science Platform will leverage the power of apps and secure, HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based data technology to capture, verify, store, and share COVID test results.

The blinkTEST app will pair using BlueTooth with the Blink scanner to allow healthcare professionals to read results and store them on the individual’s blinkPASSPORT app.

Individuals will use the blinkPASSPORT app to store and share their verified test results with any location using the blinkVERIFY system for entry and contact tracing.

And onboarded organizations and venues will use the blinkVERIFY app to set entry criteria and scan blinkPASSPORTs to manage safe entry to and use of their facilities.

The Blink app suite will create an elegant, instant COVID test results network available to all.


*The blinkTEST product is not yet available for use in the United States. We are in the preparation phase of submittal to the FDA for a COVID EUA

Licensing Opportunities for Nonprofit Assay Developers

Blink Science’s mission is to make handheld, low-cost point-of-care diagnostic testing and verified test results available to everyone across the globe, including those in resource-limited or logistically remote areas, in order to improve and save lives.

While we will be launching Blink Science with our COVID-19 blinkTEST, our test technology has shown promising laboratory results for other infectious diseases, illnesses, and conditions as well.

Because time and lives are of the essence, we are seeking to partner with university-based, nonprofit scientists and assay developers to get as many effective blinkTESTS to healthcare providers around the world as quickly as possible.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your research team or organization may be able to partner with Blink Science on blinkTEST assay development, please reach out to today. Thank you for helping us change the world.