Instant, On-site Covid Testing* and Medical Passport Swipe-to-Enter Technology

Test. Blink. Go.

Blink Your Way Back to Doing Business Safely

Coming soon!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, if you’re tasked with planning and implementing site safety protocols for an organization or venue, we have good news.

Blink Science’s new instant, low-cost, point-of-care COVID test strips will make routine entry and ongoing status testing simple and affordable, even for large groups and at busy entry points.

What’s more, our blinkPASSPORT™ System will allow individuals to use their phones to swipe in with already-verified test results that meet the recency parameters you set. Even as more and more people receive the COVID vaccine, the need for fast, accurate testing will not go away. So blink and allow us to help you keep your organization going.

Which Organizations and Venues is the Blink Science PLATFORM™ for?

The blinkTEST™ and Blink medical passport system will help ensure affordable, timely safety and continued vitality for:

• Transportation venues and services
• Large employers with on-site workers
• Businesses or government offices requiring face-to-face customer interactions
• Entertainment and sports venues
• Schools and universities
• And more!

If your organization is among the many that have had a hard time continuing and thriving during the pandemic, Blink Science would like to talk to you.

blinkVERIFY™ for Organizations

It’s how you will offer safe, quick access.

blinkVERIFY is the app businesses, organizations, and venues will use at their location’s entry point to safely grant entry to customers, workers, or the community at large.

Blink Science will onboard your organization to blinkVERIFY. This step will provide your team with training to set required test parameters, start accepting blinkPASSPORTs, and ensure HIPAA compliance.

In the war against COVID, Blink Science is on your side. We look forward to helping you keep life going.