The Blink Science PLATFORM

Our revolutionary platform will make handheld, low-cost point-of-care diagnostic testing and verified test results available across the globe. Blink and we’re creating a world where rapid tests and medical passports keep life going.

Test. Blink. Go.

World, Meet Our Platform Family

Simple yet robust, our diagnostic testing and medical data dissemination systems will work together or separately.


Coming soon! You’ll insert the strip into our handheld device, which will read the strip rapidly and display the result on the blinkTEST device.

*This product is not yet available in the United States. We are in the Preparation phase of submittal to the FDA for COVID EUA.


Our software will collect patient information and test results from the blinkTEST app and store them in the cloud pursuant to HIPPA requirements. Individuals will be able to carry, access, and display their QR-code-embedded test records on the blinkPASSPORT app. Verified test results from other testing organizations and vaccination records will also be accepted for upload to blinkPASSPORT.


Onboarded businesses and venues will use the blinkVERIFY app at entry points to scan individuals’ blinkPASSPORTs. The apps talk to each other through cloud-based, encrypted QR codes to ensure current, accurate data.

Patented Technology, Unlimited Potential

Through licensing and collaboration with several universities, Blink Science, Inc. is developing an electrochemical method for use with a hand-held device to instantly read a variety of customized disposable strips to detect extremely low concentrations of molecules (viruses, proteins etc.) in saliva, blood, and urine, and other fluids.

This new testing technology will be ultra-low cost with comparable results to PCR tests overcoming lab-based limitations with portability for global use. We plan to ramp manufacturing rapidly for high volume device manufacturing and produce more than 10 million strips per day using existing glucose strip manufacturing lines to support a broad set of diagnostics for global distribution.